5G Will Enable Technology Companies to Deliver Better Marketing Opportunities


    The techies are eagerly waiting for the 5th Generation network which will augment the marketing opportunities for the business. Traditional marketing methods are now replaced by modern marketing methods, especially digital marketing. Digital marketing is the need of the hour for businesses to reach the maximum targeted audience.

    5G network will augment this process of reaching the targeted audience. For now, the undeniable fact of the 5G network is that it is available for just 5 percent of worldwide mobile subscriptions. If the endeavors towards rolling out the 5G network continue at the same pace, it will be the fastest adopted technology. The prediction says that the 5G coverage will reach around 60 percent of the world’s population and would carry 53 percent of mobile data traffic by 2026 where there would be 3.5 billion 5G-connected devices. The availability of a 5G network is going to overhaul the marketing process carried out by the business of different sectors. It will grow an opportunity for B2B technology companies to utilize the 5G network services not only for the products and the business operations but also to support the marketing. It is really early to talk and say anything about the network that might roll out by the end of 2021 for mass use. Thinking about the future potential of the network and the benefits from the 5th generation network. Businesses are in a position to act when the network is out and benefit from being among the first to harness its potential.

    Customer Experience & 5G:

    The most important factor for any business in this world is their customers. Making them happy and also satisfying them at the same is not everyone’s cup of tea. A great customer experience throughout the buyer journey is vital for successful marketing. Today, everyone is aware of using this strategy but the consistent one, creates a positive impression of the brand, and interacts effectively, wins the rat race.

    5G will offer some key benefits to the marketers or the business owners to improve the customer experience and this should be prioritized on the top while thinking about the future marketing strategies and techniques. The faster speed will provide the greatest opportunity to improve customer experience by providing a speed of approximately 100Mbps, as we have only 10Mbps for now with the 4G network. If the technology and network infrastructure improve there are the possibilities to get a speed of 1Gbps. The high internet speed will enable businesses much faster connection to deliver richer downloadable content and to provide new creative solutions to engage customers.

    Today many people use multiple devices and these people belong to the same geographical area where the problems like lag in the network connection or the speed occur. This lagging problem will be solved with the help of a 5G network. Lower latency will enable a greater amount of data to be delivered fast on the devices.

    Tech Companies & 5G:

    B2B customers will be able to access business websites more easily on their commute while working offsite or traveling to meetings, and in other scenarios where reliance on Wi-Fi coverage will no longer chain to them to their desks. There is also likely to be an increase in companies providing staff with 5G connected devices to greater enable this and increase productivity and customer service.

    One development that may come as a result of this change in working styles is the integration of video conferencing into calls to action (CTAs). The ability for businesses to offer potential customers on-demand video calls will be made possible by the improved call quality available via 5G, and make it easier for companies to engage with existing and target customers worldwide. Online CTAs typically include filling out web forms, sending emails, or engaging in online chat, whereas video conferencing normally involves the longer, more formal process of booking meetings.

    Long-term Marketing & 5G:

    Regardless of the products or services offered, 5G marketing solutions will offer the opportunity for technology businesses to position themselves as forward-thinking, well-rounded organizations at the forefront of their field. With many brands struggling to stand out from the crowd, engaging with the latest technologies such as 5G will not only provide a better customer experience but also an opportunity to demonstrate the organization’s expertise and understanding of industry trends.

    Thinking ahead about the 5G network and its benefits will surely make a difference to the marketing strategy. Businesses and marketers will need to adopt this generation of the network to fasten their connection with their customers and also to stand out in the rate race.