Apple’s WWDC21: What to Expect from the Keynote?


    Apple’s World-Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2021 will commence from tonight i.e., from 7th June, and will continue until 11th June 2021. The conference focuses on how developers can use Apple’s various software and create a meaningful experience. Apple will more likely announce the new versions of iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS on online WWDC 2021.

    The all-online conference use to take place at Apple Park in California every spring. Apple had also announced this year’s Swift Student Challenge, an opportunity for young developers to demonstrate their coding skills by creating a Swift playground, Apple’s educational tool and development environment for the Swift programming language. This application was initially announced at WWDC 2016. The WWDC 2021 Student Swift Challenge winners announced on June 1, members of Indian origin include U.S-based Abhinaya Dinesh, Hyderabad-based Sai Ranga Reddy, Delhi-based Yugantar Jain, Chennai-based Swapnanil Dhol, and Bengaluru-based Muhammed Sahil Arayakandy.

    Surely, there will be a focus on operating systems. We are looking forward to what a new macOS could look like since macOS Big Sur offered a considerable leap in terms of UX. Just as many users are getting used to iOS14, we wonder what iOS15 could offer; perhaps a better notification and widget systems, where Android thrives. Most importantly, netizens are keen on more transparent conversations on the app tracking features across operating systems.

    Last year, new features in watchOS7 such as handwashing among sleep-tracking were welcomed. Perhaps Apple’s WWDC21: What to Expect from the Keynote?will finally upgrade the far-too-simple Breathe app and under-delivering sleep tracking feature to meet competitor features. Developers are looking forward to new offerings in SwiftUI, potentially kits that offer more than 2,000 lines of coding and a stronger and more coherent framework to further empower app-making and app review processes.

    In terms of hardware, many are certain about the launch of the new MacBook Pros as well as a new Apple CPU. Last year, Apple’s native SoC for computing, M1, was announced but this year, leaks have been certain of not one, but two chips for the rumored MacBook Pros.