Digitalization Needs More Up-To-Date Data on the Websites


Everyone is aware that since the pandemic has not only hit the nation but also the entire globe has changed everything in its own way. It has boosted digitalization in the remotest part of the country or globe. Everything was shut or one can say is shut, which has made everything available online rather people opt for going digital. Then it can be OTT platforms, buying or selling things, checking on each other, verifying or checking a brand/business you like, and many more.

Though everything is made available because of the situation around, there is a serious failure by the businesses in providing enriched and up-to-date data on their websites. People are keen to know about you and your brand, and the obvious thing that they might opt for is none other than checking your websites or maybe social media for that sake.

There was online research conducted by YouGov on the behalf of Artificial Intelligence (AI) search firm, Yext. During the online research, the firm found out that 58% of UK adults use the site search at least weekly, and that 88% of respondents using site search agree it is an important tool in providing them with accurate and up-to-date information online. Despite using such tools, in online research, it was found that more than half of UK adults believe that site search provides them unrelated search results online.

Many users or customers find that many site searches do not fulfill their aim of providing answers, 46% of them believe that the site does not get their question, and 35% of them believe that the site search is provided without a date or imprecise information. 38% of UK users are frustrated using the site search at least once a week.

Jon Buss, MD, EMEA at Yext, said: “The pandemic has proven that now more than ever, the availability of up to date and accurate information online is vital in not only making the public feel safe but in being able to engage with new and existing customers, no matter where they are in their customer journey.”

Businesses that are failing miserably to provide updated and enriched data are not only losing their customers but also losing their business. This is pretty much understood because customers are the whole and soul of a business. When customers don’t find their perfect fit online due to a lack of updated data they tend to go somewhere else. Most of the UK adults go for businesses that directly answer their questions or anything regarding the business.

60% of the UK adults who use site search functions opt for a customer’s website to be provided with direct answers. From the 60% of the UK adults, 28% of them have been seen buying products or services from a different business than from the business they actually intend to buy from because they couldn’t get the information they were looking for.