Don’t Underestimate the Power of Content Community and Commerce Model


Content is the constant thing that attracts customers and strategies used for the same content to make available for them have been constantly evolving. The word ‘Content’ refers to the information shared by the companies on their social media accounts, websites, through webinars, advertisements, blogs, and many more. Community is the group of people who are likely to have similar interests and commerce is used for monetizing the opportunities which are used by the advertisers to leverage the business growth.

Content will always play a vital role while reaching out to people. Many brands focus on Content Marketing because content marketing is the only strategy that does not fail in bringing the customers to the sale funnel. According to a survey, more than 70% of brands are investing in content marketing.

Though the content remains constant the ways to put out the content are changing and evolving day by day. More creative and effective content is more will be the attraction. The most recent and trending strategy to attract customers to the sales is influencer building a community around that content. When an influencer is branding about some specific content, it advocates for people and makes them trust the brand that is being branded by the influencer.

In the Content-Commerce-Community model, publishers and advertisers both, aim to convert this ROAS metric into an ROI metric (Return on Investments). For example, you are the marketer of a men’s grooming company and have been creating videos on YouTube, using influencers. The role of the content here is that it seamlessly creates awareness and consideration for the product via the authentic advocacy of the influencer.

A Publishing Platform will help create an ecosystem that will serve monetization opportunities to brands not only based on content that consumers consume but based on the entire cohort that has been created by interacting with communities on publishing platforms, social platforms, and the internet. It will create a link between the advertiser who is spending money to popularise the brand and the expected outcomes that the advertising partner can deliver in terms of sales.

The Content-Commerce-Community model shapes a new narrative wherein the same marketing campaign can guide the user through all the four purchase stages, making content marketing a much more accountable and measurable medium as opposed to just a creative one. The transformation from ROAS to ROI from a non-performance unit to a performance unit is truly a game-changer and will be, if not already, the new mantra amongst advertisers.