Legal Case Attempting to Stop the Rollout of 5G Has Been Blocked by a Judge


    As everyone has their eyes on the new generation network’ rollout i.e. 5th Generation network. It will speed up the online lives of the users and will make it easier to transfer and load heavy data. Many prominent networks from the world are making their every effort count to roll out the new generation of the network.

    Though the 5G network is going to benefit us in our online world or lives it is also harmful to our health in real life. A crowdfunded legal case claims that 5G networks have health risks and add to harmful radiation from mobile phones and smart devices. The same case has been blocked by a judge but the group behind the case which has managed to raise £160,000 and said that it will continue the battle to try to obtain a judicial review. The lawyers behind the case, including human rights barrister Michael Mansfield QC, have been involved together in other crowdfunded cases, so far without successful outcomes for their clients. The case raises questions about the nature of crowdfunded legal action as well as the debate over 5G, which mainstream scientists believe poses no greater risk to health than other wireless technologies.

    A group called Action Against 5G has brought the case using the Crowd justice platform to raise money. The group says it is “supported by many people nationwide from all walks of life including doctors and scientists”. It argues the government is failing to protect citizens from the health risks from 5G networks, which it says will add to existing harmful radiation from mobile phones, Wi-Fi networks, and smart devices. The legal action has been brought on behalf of three complainants. Two are battling to stop the rollout of the technology. A third, Rosalyn Rock, claims she has already been harmed by 5G. She says in April and May 2020 she started to feel ill, suffering blisters to her skin.