Top 6 Emerging Technology Trends


    Nobody ever thought that the Coronavirus Pandemic that has hit the globe will flip our lives upside down. The pandemic has also forced businesses to adopt digital transformation more than before and the number of businesses that have moved online in the last six months is more than those in the last decade. The use and awareness about technology have got a boost during these times of the pandemic.

    There’s a lot in the bag for 2021. One might come across a question that whether mainstream technologies like data analytics and AI will remain a force or the newer forms will take over these mainstream technologies? The only answer to this question is time. Time is the ultimatum answer to the question as we will the adaptation to the new technologies or we might just reject them. Let’s see which are the top 6 emerging technologies of 2021:

    • 5G: The talk of the town, the new generation of the network is one of the main technology trends that will emerge in 2021 and also will be made available for the users by some eminent network service providers. We all are waiting for this technology to roll out as it is going to speed up our lives.
    • Customer Data Platforms(CDP): In the last few months, we have witnessed a rise in customer data platforms (CDP). It’s not easy to organize fragmented data from multiple sources. To operate efficiently, you’ll need well-curated and timely operations.
    • Internet of Behaviors (IoB): IoB is an upcoming trend that you’ll hear more of in 2021. Companies and businesses are taking advantage of technology to monitor consumer and customer behaviors. Some of the effective technological tools here include location tracking, big data, and facial recognition.
    • Cybersecurity Mesh: With the cybersecurity mesh, you can access any digital security asset – no matter its location. The benefit of this technology is that it allows people to place the security wall around individuals rather than the entire organization. The sudden rise in remote workforces and cloud technology has affected the security of company assets outside the company’s perimeter.
    • Hybrid Cloud: Most businesses are moving towards the hybrid cloud model. The reason is simple – the hybrid cloud is more convenient. It helps businesses to strike a balance for their distinct cloud infrastructural needs.
    • AI (Artificial Intelligence): AI has continued to improve operations for many companies and businesses. The pandemic even made its usage more common. AI, data, and machine learning have played an unmatched role during this coronavirus period. We have seen how AI has helped in the suggestions customers get when shopping on Amazon, or even when they are watching movies on Netflix. More companies will benefit from AI since the cloud continues to enable access to the rising computing power, software, and frameworks.