Pacific Western Bank Boosts Liquidity, Reports Deposit Stability


Pacific Western Bank faced a significant challenge with a 20% decline in deposits over a three-month period, prompting strategic measures to bolster liquidity. To address this, the bank tapped into various financing programs and secured additional funding, totaling $2.1 billion from the Bank Term Financing Program, $3.7 billion from the Federal Home Loan Bank, and $10.5 billion through the Federal Reserve Discount Window, as outlined in a news release on March 22. Additionally, a new senior asset-backed loan agreement was secured with Atlas SP Partners, further contributing to liquidity management efforts.

Paul W., president and chief executive officer of Pacific Western Bank, expressed appreciation for the collective efforts of the team amidst challenging circumstances, emphasizing the importance of enhancing liquidity while preserving the bank’s franchise value. Taylor, in the press release, underscored the bank’s commitment to its customers and communities, acknowledging their support during this period.

The decline in deposits, from $33.9 billion on December 31, 2022, to $27.1 billion on March 20, 2022, highlighted the urgency for liquidity management initiatives. This decline occurred amid concerns about regional bank stability and potential bank runs, reflecting broader industry challenges.

Despite these challenges, Pacific Western Bank reassured stakeholders of its liquidity position, with $11.4 billion in accessible cash as of March 20, surpassing its total uninsured deposits of $9.5 billion. The bank highlighted the diversity of its deposit base and the FDIC insurance coverage of 65% of its total deposits, providing additional reassurance to depositors.

Looking ahead, Taylor expressed confidence in PacWest’s resilience, noting the observed stability in deposits and liquidity in recent weeks. The positive sentiment was further supported by government officials, regulatory bodies, and industry leaders, including Secretary Yellen, who emphasized the safety of smaller bank depositors, providing a favorable outlook for the banking sector.

In summary, Pacific Western Bank’s proactive measures to address liquidity challenges demonstrate its commitment to financial stability and customer satisfaction. The bank’s strategic initiatives, coupled with government support and industry confidence, position it well to navigate uncertainties and sustain long-term growth.