Launching A Recruitment Program Will Help Optii Solutions Meet Demand And Support Growth


The top cloud-based hotel operations software provider, Optii Solutions, said today that it is beginning a recruiting initiative aimed at ensuring that essential jobs are in place to support expected growth and maintain the high level of service that its customers have come to expect.

The recruiting campaign seeks to formalize Optii’s initiatives and concentrate on bringing on top talent in the hospitality and technology industries. 

Optii wants to guarantee that customers continue to receive a high level of service while gaining access to new tools and solutions on its hotel operations platform. With ambitious plans on its technology roadmap, strong forecasted growth, and an exponentially growing customer base, Optii is working to achieve this goal.

In the first half of 2023, Optii will concentrate on hiring for positions in engineering, customer success, sales, and marketing, with new positions opening up in the second half.

With a growing pipeline of potential clients and new solutions slated to launch in the first two quarters, the firm will start the new year with significant responsibilities in sales and marketing.

In addition to using its current network of partners and industry groups, Optii will keep hiring from inside the hotel sector to find excellent talent.